About Ruby Blue

 Ruby Blue;  Contrary to popular belief, that's not my name.  My name is Trisha.  However, the name "Ruby" is very dear to me.  "RUBY" is actually my mom's name, (though she has always gone by her nick-name, CINDY, which is a story in and of itself).  She was named after her mom, "RUBY", needless to say, my Grandma.  However, I do NOT have any relation to the word "BLUE".  Blue just happened to by my little girl's favorite color at the time.  (which has now changed to pink... she is a girly one!)  And as my hairdresser sister pointed out, they are opposites on the color wheel so the two do compliment each other very nicely. :)

Ruby Blue has evolved over the last 6 years.  When I found out that baby #2 was going to be a shimmery, glimmery girl, I quickly developed a passion for everything girly and adorable.   I opened an online retail baby boutique called "EllaBalu" .  EllaBalu was such a fun hobby, but my favorite part was designing and assembling the accessories.   So that's just what I did.  I re-focused my business into my passion.  Ruby Blue officially opened our virtual shop doors on May 10, 2010 (www.etsy.com/shop/rubyblueinc).  (One day before my Darling Husband Pants' 33rd birthday). 

Things can get pretty chaotic around here with my husband and I both being at home business owners, and our four pint sized progenies.  But somehow we manage to survive.  We love our not so simple life, and all of you, for making this not so simply life possible. ;)