Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DiFfErEnT is GOOD :)

That's right.  I get bored with the same ole, same ole.  Don't you?  Here are few changes you are going to see in the up-coming months;

1.  My etsy shop {www.etsy.com/shop/rubyblueinc} will be filled with darling pieces from my BOUTIQUE collection.  "What is your boutique collection" you might ask?  The boutique collection are the pieces that are readily available, ready to ship, and come in many different color options.  These are the pieces you might find in your favorite upscale childrens boutique.  These pieces, on a general note, cost less than any of the other lines.  The are perfect for every day wear.  Not too big, and very comfortable for little ones. 

2.  Items in my shop {Excluding Bridal Pieces} will not be listed unless ready to ship.  Let's face it, 2-3 weeks is just too long to wait for a headband.  This way, you will get your items faster and I won't get swallowed up in orders;)

3.  Vintage Luxe pieces, as well as crowns and romper "sets" will be available on a limited-basis only.  When I am going to release a new one of these pieces, I will first post it to my facebook page {www.facebook.com/rubyblueinc} with a pic, along with the number of pieces available.  Pieces will be first come first serve.  And for the most part, once they're gone, they're gone.  If they don't all sell on facebook, I will list the remaining items in my etsy shop, where they will be first come first serve once again.  This gives me an opportunity to keep my items new and "Fresh, funky and FABULOUS!"  and it gives you the opportunity to purchase original pieces for your little ones photos.

4.  I am going to limit special orders to existing customers only.  This DOES NOT mean that I'm not thrilled to death to have new customers, this just means that I have had the chance to develop relationships with customers that keep my creative juices flowing, so much so, that I really can't take on any more or I will never be able to release anything new.  If you have placed a custom order in the past, then I will be willing to take more of them in the future.  From time to time I will be open to custom orders, and at that time I will post the invite on my facebook page.  I would, of course, love to hear your wants and suggestions for products that you would like to see.  Feel free to post them on my facebook wall, sent them to me in an email {rubyblueinc@gmail.com} or convo me through my etsy shop.  Your feedback is very important to me. :)

So lets give these new things a try and see how they work for us, shall we?  As I said before, your feedback is always appreciated:)  Thanks to all you rockin' fans. You guys are the best!!!

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