Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Help Heal McKennlie

Meet McKennlie.  She is nothing short of your every day ordinary 8 year old kid who is full of energy and a love for life (and lime green;)  McKennlie was recently in a tragic ATV accident while camping with her family.  Although McKennlie was wearing a helmet, she has thrown from the ATV and hit the back of her head on a rock with enough force that it fractured her skull in three places and she has suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).  
McKennlie was put into an induced Coma in hopes to reduce brain swelling.  She has been struggling with her injuries since June 9th and has made vast improvements since then, but she does still have a long road ahead of her.
This story touched my heart. No, I have never met McKennlie, but I do have kids of my own who I love more than anything in this world.  I can only image the heartache of a mommy who worries about the life of her precious child.  Not only is the heart break and worry something that McKennlie's family has to deal with, there is a mountain of medical expenses that keeps growing by the day that they will be required to cover.  
I am starting a fundraiser donating 100% of the proceeds to McKennlie to help cover her medical expenses that will build during her journey.  I will be offering 3 different hair accessories in McKennlies behalf in hopes to help her family just a little bit during their struggle. 
Below are photos of the accessories we will be donating funds from;

McKennlie hair clip $8
Kassidee headband $10
Kinnidie headband $14

Her cousins are also selling these lime green wrist bands for $5 as well.

These items can be purchased in three places.  #1-  On my Facebook page www.facebook.com/rubyblueinc by leaving a comment with your name and paypal address under the picture of the accessory you would like to order, #2, in my etsy shop www.etsy.com/shop.rubyblueinc, or #3- at my house in Tremonton, UT.  Call or text (435)279-7685.

To keep up on McKennlies recovery visit her blog at http://mckennlie.blogspot.com.  Stop by and show her some LOVE!!!  (*There is also a direct link on her blog page to donate)


  1. that blog is not available. :(

  2. Ok, I fixed the link. Hopefully it will work now!;)